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Dienstag, 16-01-18 15:10

I Lost my Money to scammers but not anymore
Well, who would have believed this. When I saw a comment
by one Allison babara, I thought it was one of the Scammers
ways to convince someone. Looking at his comment, I saw
an element of doubt since he was telling stories. Well I did it
50/50 which means I can’t lose my money to any scammer
again. I contacted the email on the testimony of Allison?
Babara (securehackers01@gmail.com) and I was
replied immediately. I was shocked but I didn’t lose my stand.
I asked them to give me proof to be sure they are not
scammers like others that I have met before and they sent me
a proof. Then I requested to get my card which they sent to
me in Germany in just 3 days. Am happy now because I have?
recovered my cash I lost to scammers. My first withdrawal?
was $10,000 and I couldn’t believe my eyes until I confirmed?
their word which says that I can withdraw up $63,000 in a
month. secureblankatmSolution? are real because I got my?
card in just 3 days when I requested for one. Contact their
mail (securehackers01@gmail.com ) for yours. They
didn’t scam me.
Morris mabel is my name and if you are scared, please reach
me through my mail dasinator02@gmail.com



Dienstag, 09-01-18 14:12

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